Click on the images for details and available colors.
All yarns come on cones unless otherwise noted.

3/2 Egyptian
Mercerized Cotton 

3/2 Mercerized Cotton Choose Color

4/2 Unmercerized Cotton Army Green

4/4 Unmercerized Cotton Black

4/4 Unmercerized Cotton Natural

Cotton Poly Twirl
Natural/Blue - Tan
3200 YPP

6/2 Mercerized Cotton Choose Color

6/2 Unmercerized Cotton Choose Color

6/2 Unmercerized Cotton 

UKI/Supreme 10/2 Astra Mercerized Cotton

10/2 Unmercerized Cotton Choose Color

10/2 Cotton Marl Toast

Mercerized Cotton Gold 8400 YPP

20/2 Unmercerized Cotton Choose Color

60/2 Mercerized 
Cotton  Choose Color

100% Cotton 
Flake Lace 3100 YPP

8/1 Cotton Flake Fruit Salad
Cotton Shantung 
Natural 1080 YPP

Cotton Mocha 
1050 YPP

Cotton Conshohocken Softball Yellow 
1000 YPP
30/1 Unmercerized Cotton Navy Blue

8/3 Cotton Marl

Cotton Softball Ratinee Boucle 500 YPP

Cotton Thick Thin 
Flake Natural - Grey Wrap 4700 YPP

Cotton Eyelash Terry
800 YPP

Cotton Chenille with Silver Lurex 1800 YPP

Cotton Chenille 1450 YPP Choose Color

Cotton Chenille 
300 YPP

Cotton with 
Metallic Wrap 
4200 YPP

Cotton with Metallic Wrap 2500 YPP
Choose Color

Cotton Ricrak Boucle
800 or 1200 YPP

Cotton Conshohocken Sock Yarn with Lycra
550 Yard Skein

Italian Cotton Acrylic Rayon 2250 YPP

Italian Cotton Acrylic Viscose 1600 YPP

Cotton Acrylic Thick Thin Natural Black 
3250 YPP

Cotton Linen Rayon Gray - Blue Black Wrap 2500 YPP

Cotton Polyester Marl Choose Color 
4700 YPP
Softball Cotton Poly

Cotton Polyester Slub 2800 YPP

Cotton Boucle Charcoal Grey Wrap 1300 YPP

Cotton Boucle Puff Smoke 700 YPP

Cotton Rayon Boucle Popcorn Cream 
550 YPP

Cotton Rayon Roving Multi 1100 YPP

Cotton Rayon Bright Multi 4000 YPP

Italian Cotton Seafoam 4250 YPP

Cotton Rayon Acrylic Lite Grey 3600 YPP

Cotton Rayon Fatto Boucle 800 YPP

Cotton Slub - Rayon Wrap Deena 1800 YPP

Cotton Flake Thick Thin Dijon Tonal
3100 YPP

Cotton Linen Taupe
Wrap 800 YPP

Cotton Roving with Wrap 650 YPP

Cotton Wool Acrylic Natural 2450 YPP

Cotton Wool Acrylic Burgundy & Natural 1600 YPP

Cotton Wool Acrylic Silk Brown Beige 
3500 YPP

Cotton Wool Acrylic Silk Royal Beige 
3500 YPP

Cotton Wool Acrylic Silk Lite Grey Beige 3500 YPP

69% Cotton 31% Rayon

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